a renaissance gurl coming back from near [emotional] death …

a black gurl livin in her own world, tryin to come back out and play with others…

a womanist with an unapologetically filthy mouth and a side-eye glance for those who think it’s because she lacks expansive vocabulary…

a ’round-da-way gurl… hoop earrings and black english

a quintessential midwestern gurl

a kinky lil black gurl

a phd student

a compassionate, emotional, nerd

a grown ass woman trying to maintain her belief in people and love despite the shit being thrown her way.


4 Responses to bio

  1. Mayowa says:

    hmmn. so SO much of what you said resonated with me. actually thats not right. EVERYTHING that you said felt like it had been vomitted straight from my head, my heart, my FUCKING RAGE and onto your blog. i think what I really am grateful for is that I may be a maverick, a radical, what the hell ever but I have found amazing AMAZING radical crazy fools willing to stand strong and firm with me against the white, upper class, male, corporation of a bloody ivy league tower we attend. I don’t think it makes it any easier. I have my share of enemies. But it gave me the validation to know that it is NOT me that is the lunatic at a point when I was beginning to question myself. And all I can say is fuck that! I’m so proud and so happy and I literally get goosebumps when I think about the future and what change is going to be forced into happening and the awesome people that are going to force it.

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